Here Comes Wall-E

Remember the movie Wall-E, about a robotic trash compactor who was left alone on earth while the rest of us fled into space because our massive quantities of waste and laziness had left our planet uninhabitable?


The human race was depicted as a bunch of bulbous muscle-atrophied blimps that couldn’t even walk anymore. Well the other day when I heard a report on NPR about Amazon testing out drones that could deliver shopping orders within one hour, I immediately pictured us heading towards Wall-E-life.


These days so much more of our life is automated and customized to allow us to never have to leave our house, or more importantly get off our butts! Even the fact that my profession has evolved into a focus of 30-minutes or less being all that’s required of you to get or stay in shape, is indicative of our slide towards inactivity and lethargy.  If you don’t use it you lose it, as the saying goes, and I’m talking about your muscles, including your brain, the biggest muscle of them all. While electronics give us the freedom to do more while sitting sedentary, cars are also quickly taking over our need to even think – self-parking, many with wi-fi and gps, and soon self-driving.


I myself haven’t walked a Mall for Christmas shopping in over eight years – I do it all on-line. Well with one-hour delivery from Amazon looming on the horizon, and the increase in grocery and food staples delivery options (like Thrive Market or Blue Apron) pretty soon we won’t have to leave the house for anything other than work or entertainment.


This worries me, not only as a personal trainer, but as a person dedicated to keeping my body healthy and moving for decades to come. While I have no direct solution for the impending onslaught of these supposed technological enhancements, I will say that we must all make a commitment to keep moving and thinking and doing for ourselves despite the appeal and ease of these technology-based shortcuts.


Let us not become inert puffy beings who have more litter than the planet can house, and keep our brains sharp and our muscles strong. I for one, will enjoy what our future has in store for us with electronics and computers, but I will always strive to move more and stay active despite them.



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