About DLF

Dane Life Fitness is the creation of certified personal trainer Ariana Dane. IMG_2256-1_1109x1766(1)


​Life fitness is having all areas of your life in shape, from body, to mind, to careers, lifestyle, and relationships.  I created DANE LIFE FITNESS to offer my clients a full-spectrum of Health & Fitness Services, from Certified Personal Fitness Training to Lifestyle and Goal Achievement Coaching.

After working as a Certified Personal Trainer for ten years, I concluded that no one can truly have the body “fitness” they desire if their lives (environment, relationships, mental attitude) are not also in good shape.  This propelled me to utilize my years of life-experiences and Continuing Education Courses & Certifications, to expand my practice to include relationship counseling, career guidance, and, as I like to call it, “head tweaking.”

(Please note, I am not a licensed therapist and I do not handle true psychological problems/disorders.)

Since 2003 I have receivd 4 National Certified Personal Trainer certifications (ACE, NASM, APEX, NESTA), and specialize in helping clients achieve their fitness goals (weight loss, muscle tone, increase in strength and endurance) and embrace healthier nutrition, including lower of cholesterol and high blood pressure, and balancing of their blood sugar levels (in the case of diabetics).

In 2006 I added a Life Strategies Coach certificate from The Spencer Institute to my arsenal. As a Life Coach, I assist clients in the defining of their dreams and goals, and then arm them with the skills and steps necessary to achieve an improved lifestyle, careers, and/or relationships. Once you determine what fears are holding you back, you can successfully chart a course right through any obstacle.

​As for your dreams of owning or growing your small business, I have 25-years experience managing and growing several business, from Hollywood Production Companies, to internet website enterprises, and even a successful Beverly Hills Law Firm, which gives me a great understanding of what it takes to start a company/business from the ground up, develop and set in place systems and practices, and steer the business into successful growth. I am very savvy with Social Network Marketing which I believe is an important element to any business success in the 21st century.

I am very direct, and don’t sugarcoat things, but I do coach with compassion and humor.  I have been where you are!  I bring years of insights and tools to the table, and can show you that change is less painful than staying stuck.
So visit my two sites and when you’re ready to make a change, contact me.

Wishing you peace and wisdom,

Ariana Dane


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